Graeme Thomas who passed away late in 2022, was a giant & legend in Melbourne's music recording industry. He founded Preston Records Studio and was hugely influential in just about any roots, rockabilly and rock n roll bands in Melbourne in the 1980's and 1990's. He could even make his recording studio sounds like the world's famous Sun Studio in Memphis by making small adjustments to his instruments.

He was not just a music producer but also a very famous musician himself having been part of the Rockabilly Rebel band which was a household name for Melbourne's rockabilly music. It was only appropriate that Victor O'Neil and his legendary Melbourne rockabilly band, the Straight 8's, was amongst the bands that took part in Graeme Thomas tribute gig at Thornbury Bowls Club last Sunday afternoon with a huge crowd in attendance yesterday.

The other bands that participated in the tribute gig were the Breadmakers, the Australian All-Girl band, Wraylettes and Ezra Lee. The Breadmakers plays Louisiana R&B is especially popular in Japan with a large fan base as well as having toured Europe on several occasions. The Breadmakers recorded several albums with Graeme Thomas.

I have recorded several videos from the tribute gig but unfortunately could not stay for Straight 8's performance due to a prior commitment. I have also loaded from Youtube a video of the Rockabilly Rebels.