It's fun checking out the 1950's style R&R and rockabilly music and dance scene in Brisbane. Haven't been to many places yet but slowly and surely I shall find out more. There is quite a vibrant live music scene in Brisbane ranging from hotel & pub venues such as the Morrison hotel, retro style music hall called Leftys, dance school venues and of course bowls clubs and Rugby league clubs. And of course, those who have been to Coolangatta for the annual R&R festival would already be familiar with the live music scene down there. Swing is pretty big in Brisbane and down Gold Coast way as well.

Went to Easts League Club which is home venue of a Brisbane based NRL team to see the band called "A Band Called Twang". It's a huge, lavish and very modern club with full facilities for dining, bar and entertainment (and pokies). It hosts free bands every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and there's a nice dance floor too.

Twang is a band hailing from the Sunshine coast. It plays a mixture of rockabilly, blues and Rock & Roll and all its music is very danceable. I first saw the band at Camperdown Rockabilly Festival and must say I like their music and style. In line with their range of music, it draws dancers from rockabilly to rock and roll and even a few swing dancers. There's always someone doing the rockabilly "Bop" too.

Do check out Easts Leagues Club if you visit Brisbane. There's always a band to dance to on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.