Hello everyone! Welcome to my Rock and Roll world!

My name is Little Maria and I run Rock and Roll dances every second Friday night at the Whitehorse Club, East Burwood.

I enjoy running these dances so very much especially the theme nights when we can dress up. Sometimes we might go a little overboard but we all have lots of fun. To me that's what these dances are all about, just having fun.

I have always enjoyed music but I didn't see a live band or go to a dance till I was almost forty-nine and now I'm never home. I try to get to as many dances as I can especially in the country. I have met a lot of wonderful people and they always have a smile on their faces 'cos that's what dancing does to you.

I didn't know how to dance Rock and Roll but now I make sure that I get on that floor as often as I can. It doesn't matter if I make a mistake as long as I'm having a ball and go home tired. I'm determined to make up for lost time.

So come along and join us in the Rock and Roll scene, put a smile on your face and keep fit.

Below are just a few photos of some of the antics we get up to! (Well, maybe a couple more than just a few!)

See you on the dance floor and have a Rockin' good night!

............. Little Maria.

Dance location: The Whitehorse Club, East Burwood Reserve. 298 - 336 Burwood Highway East Burwood. (Melway ref: 62 C 7).
Contact me on 9806 0160.

All photos are now stored on Flick.com

You can see all past photos as well as a batch of photos taken at the last New Years Eve party. Click the following link:



Theme nights are Fun