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    Jump & Jive - Interview With Sam Depreto

    Jump & Jive is one of my favourite Melbourne rock & roll bands headed by Sam Depreto on guitar & lead vocals and backed by Greame on drums and appearing for the first at the Gully, Tom Greeves, on slap bass. Rock & rollers love dancing to the band but even if you are a not a dancer, you ‘ll just love the 1950’s style music that they play. The circus however was not in town tis arvo, and I ‘m not sure if RobE & Jazza were both left disappointed. But a certain “Cirrus” (and Yvonne) was spotted making his debut attendance at the Gully’s church of rock & roll, having travelled all the way from Nagambie.

    I took the opportunity to interview Sam when Jump & Jive played at the Gully today. Sam’s a very talented man fronting Jump & Jive. A great guitar player and as lead singer for the band, he always gives a vibrant & entertaining performance on stage. If you haven’t noticed, ladies just love his “Elvis the Pelvis” gyrating movements on stage. He also performs the Buddy Holly tribute. Sam is also an excellent rock & roll dancer – a man of many talents indeed.

    My interview with Sam Depreto below:

    How Did Sam Depreto Start Playing 1950's Style Rock & Roll Music?

    My parents were not into bands or played musical instruments so I didn’t come from a musical background. I am a self taught guitar player and also haven’t received professional training in singing. But I love the 1950’s era and even my house reflects that era. My early inspiration to playing 1950’s rock & roll and rockabilly includes attending “Bell Street Rock” at Reservoir, where bands like “Straight 8’s” and “Crakerjacks” ruled the stage then.

    What Bands & Singers From The 1950’s Era Influence Your Style?

    Eddie Cochrane, Gene Vincent etc. And, of course, Buddy Holly too.

    What Other Past Bands?

    Before Jump & Jive, I played with a band called the “Young Rockabillies” some 25 years ago. The band lasted a couple of years and after that, I was involved with another rockabilly band called “ Rebel Knights”.

    Playing In Other Bands Now?

    Along with Jump & Jive, I also do a Buddy Holly Tribute show.

    How Did The Name “Jump & Jive” Come About?

    It was influenced by the 1950’s era jitterbug dancing, and also the association with jumping & jiving as in rock & roll dancing.

    How Would You Describe Jump & Jive’s Music Genre?

    Jump & Jive is a 1950’s style rock and roll band but also performing as a rockabilly band depending on the venue and type of rockers attending. The band doesn’t do 1970’s and 1980’s or present day rock music.

    What Changes In the Band/Music Scene In The Last 30 Years?

    There are more bands now so it’s a lot more competitive in getting regular gigs. But at the same time, there are now more venues catering for 1950’s style rock & roll music and bands.

    Do You See A Future For 1950’s Style Rock & Roll?

    Definitely – the scene seems to have grown in the last 30 years and they are now more dancers attending gigs all over Melbourne. Whilst the scene has “matured” in terms of the age profile of people attending gigs, I have also noticed more younger people being attracted to rock & roll music and dancing.

    Favourite Venues/Gigs?

    Quite a few including Little Maria’s, Rockin’ Suzies, Yaraville and the Gully.

    Any Truth That Rock & Roll Band Members Pulling More Chicks?

    Doesn’t believe so – well, certainly not in his personal experience. Also, many band members are now married or in relationships so there is no longer the urge to “pull” more chicks. Perhaps, for a younger band member it might generate a bit more sex appeal and therefore present more opportunities.

    Or The Saying About Rock & Roll, Sex, Booze And Drugs?

    Personally, again I don’t think that is the case today with most 1950’s style rock & roll bands. Perhaps they may be some truths in it say 30 years ago when band members were generally younger, and those attending were also young people.

    Couple of videos taken today of Sam Depreto playing with Jump & Jive at the Gully's Church of Rock .........

    Last edited by Jitterbug; 06-06-2011 at 12:14 PM.

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    Apr 2005
    Endeavour Hills, Victoria, Australia, Australia

    Re: Jump & Jive - Interview With Sam Depreto

    Great clip Jitz ... You roving rockabilly reporter. BTW, new bassist is Tom Reeve, not Greeves. Looking forward to the FIREBIRD interview next week. Was also good to catch up with another Vicrock member in cirrus (Graham) from Nagambie.
    Live & let Live, Love & let Love, Rock & let Roll, plus related clichés.

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    Jan 2008
    North Central Victoria

    Re: Jump & Jive - Interview With Sam Depreto

    Been a long time since I've been to church and it was nothing like this church. What a fabulous way to spend Sunday afternoon. As usual I was punching way above my weight and in no time was absolutely stuffed. We just can't resist Jump N' Jive.

    It was also good to put faces to members from this great Forum. We were both overwhelmed by the welcome. Thanks Guys and......................., we will be back!!!!

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    South East Melbourne

    Re: Jump & Jive - Interview With Sam Depreto

    Great interview Jitterbug! Keep it up.

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    Re: Jump & Jive - Interview With Sam Depreto

    Great interview! Keep it coming!
    Think it's funny that no one picked up on the spelling error! His surname is Depetro! Lol, knowing Sammy, he probably didnt notice it himself!

    Can't wait to see who's next, great to put faces to the names!


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