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    Rocker's Interview With Jiver J (Janet)

    Whilst our rock & roll community is vibrant, it’s not particularly large in numbers relative to some other social groupings. Nonetheless, it can still be difficult to get to know everyone in the scene as I have experienced it myself. I am sure they are some people we have seen at gigs or dances and somehow wish we get to know them more or better still to make friends with them. Let’s hope through this forum an avenue is available for us to do just that or at least make a start as we get to know that person a bit better.

    Many of us are fortunate to have the pleasure in meeting Janet (or Jiver J on Vicrock) and sharing her love of the 1950’s scene, including attending live music performances & rock & roll / rockabilly festivals as well as dancing rock & roll or swing. She is a regular contributor on Vicrock forum, and I have always found her posts interesting & supportive of the scene. I recently “interviewed” Janet, and this is what she likes to share with us:

    How & When Did You Join The R&R Scene:

    Since I was a teenager I have always danced rock and roll and followed the bands, but I joined the `Lakeside Rockers` in 1996 to learn a new six step dance style.

    What Attracts You To The Rock & Roll Scene:

    I`m attracted to everything about rock and roll, but it`s mainly the music and the good friends you meet along the way.

    How Different is Rock & Roll in the 1950’s and Now:

    It`s quite different now as many of us were teenagers in the 5o`s and 60`s and it was all very new and raw back then. There is only small pockets of it now, in the early years it was a way of life for all youth, and remember the classic cars were brand new.

    Where Did You Learn To Dance:

    I can`t really remember where we all learnt to dance, maybe it was from watching TV shows like “6`o`clock rock”. We just seemed to get out and do it, and picked up cool moves from fellow dancers. We used to dance 3 or 4 times a week, very much like today. Only difference was that we had to get our parent`s permission or we were in big trouble.

    Dance Competitions:

    In 2007 my dance partner and I took off the Intermediate and Nifty Fifties category at the Victorian Rock and Roll dance Association competitions.

    Favourite Dance Styles:

    6 step rock and roll, rockabilly style two step and also a bit of Swing.

    Favourite Venues:

    Monash Hotel and the Ferntree Gully Hotel because of the intimacy and friendliness of a smaller venue. I also like the large dance floor at the Sale Memorial Hall.

    Favourite Old Venues:

    Mooney Ponds and Moorabbin Town Halls in the 60`s. Also spent a lot of time at the Karma Ballroom in Morwell watching ` Hoadley`s Battle Of The Sounds`. And I also used to go to Niccabella`s in Caulfield to see the `Rockabilly Rebels`[ pre-Straight8s] in the late 70`s early 80`s.

    Favourite Music:

    50`s Rockabilly - I love the early stuff like Elvis, Johnny Burnette, Eddy Cochran, Gene Vincent, Carl Perkins etc.

    Favourite Melbourne Bands:

    I have lots of favourite Melbourne bands, we are very lucky. To name a few - Itchy Fingers, Atomic Hi-Tones, The ReChords, The Straight8`s, The Detonators. As long as they have a slap bass I`m happy

    Favourite Interstate Bands:

    Pat Capocci Combo (NSW) and Wes Pudsey & the Sonic Aces (NSW). Also Perth bands like Rusty & the Dragstrip Trio, Johnny Law & the Pistol Packin Daddies.

    Favourite Overseas Bands:

    So many overseas bands to choose from so I will only say the ones I have seen perform live which are - the Bellfuries, the Go –Getters, the Sure Shots & Phil Haley & His Comments for their showmanship.

    Favourite Music Festivals:

    Camperdown Cruise, Greazefest, Wintersun & Bright R.I.O.Festival.

    Favourite Rock & Roll Memories:

    Seeing some of the legendary performers live in the early days. I saw Roy Orbison 4 times, Johnny O`Keefe, Neil Sedaka, Gene Pitney. Then The Legends Of Rock and Roll ` in 1989 – Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Leslie Gore, the Everly Brothers. Also I enjoyed seeing some Australian Rock &Roll Icons at a `Long Way to The Top` with Billy Thorpe, Stevie Wright, Ray Columbus and The Atlantics.

    Likes & Dislikes:

    I think the rock and roll scene in Melbourne and Australia is fantastic. We have bands as good as or better than overseas. And we have new young rockabilly bands like `Tommy & the Lucky Strikes` coming onto the scene which is awesome for rock and roll. I like the friendliness shown between city and country areas, and the friendliness between different States. All like one big happy rockin’ family. I dislike too much politics.

    Wish List & Suggestions:

    Venues to hire more rockabilly & rock and roll bands. Also looking after the rockers with bigger and better dance floors.

    Conflict Between Rockabilly & Rock & Roll:

    I don`t think there is any conflict at all. The rockabilly scene may be a little younger and wilder than the rock and roll scene, but that`s how it used to be too.

    R&R Culture, Fashion & Burlesque:

    I just dig the culture and everything that goes with it, this includes the cars, vintage fashion, tatts, burlesque, the whole works. I collect 50`s memorabilia, movies and records, love travelling and taking photos.

    Favourite Holiday Destinations:

    Anywhere where there is a Rockabilly festival, or has beaches. I`d love to travel through the U.K one day, just checking out the rockabilly and Teddy Boy scene over there. I was fortunate enough to see `Motown the Event` in 2010. It was amazing seeing and meeting some of the Black American Rhythm and Blues and Doo Wop groups of the 50`s in the flesh. Particularly the Four Tops and Martha Reeves & the Vandellas. Because that`s where it all began!!!!!

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    Re: Rocker's Interview With Jiver J (Janet)

    Great interview. One really has to just lerv this Forum. It was fun trying to copy moves from movies and Six o'clock Rock.

    Now I have to read up on 6 step rock and roll.

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    Re: Rocker's Interview With Jiver J (Janet)

    another thoughtful thread by paul,and hello!janet,nice suprise,an interesting interveiw,and a fine lady who can dance indeed...i also nicked your jitterbug clip from facebook via bruce,and the information you gave on the two main dancers in that thread was fascinating,thanks for your honesty and informative posts here on vicrock.terry...

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    Re: Rocker's Interview With Jiver J (Janet)

    Great interview Paul! Now who's going to interview you? I'm sure you've got some great stories to tell too.


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