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Thread: New Site

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    Jul 2005

    New Site

    Hey Mel "Well Done Mate" VICROCK'S gotta new paint job! and a shineyyyyyyyyy set a NEW wheels....2 good mate.Once again "WELL DONE"....Shane bhr

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    Nov 2006
    NSW Country

    Re: New Site

    WoWho!! Mel site looks great the engine runs well too
    Aspire to inspire - - - before you Expire !

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    Apr 2005
    Endeavour Hills, Victoria, Australia, Australia

    Re: New Site

    I agree. Well done Mel. The site has come up excellent with a cut and polish. So ... is it a new motor or just a tune up?? Yet to take it on a major drive.
    Live & let Live, Love & let Love, Rock & let Roll, plus related clichés.

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    Mar 2007

    Cool Re: New Site

    i like the layout too mel,i use to amuse myself on myspace changing the layouts,and cant wait to see how the forums jump or menu turns out..thanks,mel i did try n change my profile or avatar pic,but the images available are not actually showing?or do i need new software too?lol..just a lil cross so a guessing game at this stage...

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    Jan 2007
    South East Melbourne

    Re: New Site

    Like the new logo. All looks different and new, and I'm sure it was a lot of work so well done Mel.

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    Mar 2005
    Melbourne, Australia

    Re: New Site

    Congrats Mel, the site's lookin' mighty fine with it's new paint job and layout
    My plan is to live forever . . . so far so good

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    Jul 2008

    Re: New Site

    Looks great Mel, well done very flash

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    Re: New Site

    Looks very spiffy

    A question though where did the chat box go?????
    never worry about what someone has to say about you because while they are busy trying to destroy you, you are being exactly what they only wish they could be!

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    Nov 2003

    Re: New Site

    Thanks for the feedback.
    The integration with Facebook has been done and there is now a Facebook 'Like' button at the top of each forum topic (thread). If you click the 'Fconnect' button at the top of the site you can link your VicRock account to your Facebook account – this lets you choose whether a post you make here is also posted to your Facebook page.

    The Chatbox will be reinstated in the coming week. I just need to test the available software and install the most suitable.

    Tezza asked about a quick navigation dropdown menu. I'll be adding one to the menu bar in the next few days.

    I notice some members are just using the video urls in their post. To get the videos to actually play in your post please see the instructions in this post:
    Any difficulties or problems about playing videos – please ask in that thread.

    It appears some members are not so happy about the changes, one comment being "if it aint broke don't fix it". That's like buying a car, never servicing it and expecting it to never break down. The software that drives the internet is constantly evolving and changing and software that drives websites needs to be updated to remain compatible. If not updated they eventually stop working.
    ~ Mel ~


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