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    Validating members?

    Hi Mel.

    The new upgrade sounds great! I think we are very fortunate here to have a site like this to support our scene and we are also fortunate that we have people like yourself behind it looking at continual improvement and development not to mention the on going maintenance and moderation.

    There is one topic which I would like to raise for your consideration. This may or may not be the right forum to raise it and it may have already been discussed in the past but here it goes anyway. It seems to me that on occasion a comment maybe posted which offends or upsets others and in some cases even removed by the moderators due to the content breaking particular site rules. As a result we then have many people speculating as to this person’s identity and in some cases falsely accusing and individual of creating the post in question. In addition we often see a great deal of finger pointing resulting in many members/readers getting quite upset and/or frustrated.

    Is it worth while, considering the upgrade to the Vicrock site over the next few months, to consider validating all members? This means that every person that posts on this site will have to show their true identity. Every person that posts on the site will have to stand by their comments to the public. I believe that the members would be a little more careful with the content of their posts as a result. It also may reduce the amount of moderating which is currently required.

    As I said earlier this topic may have already been discussed and there may be reasons which I am unaware which would render my suggestion ineffective. If this is the case my apologies for the novel 

    Good luck with the upgrade!


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    Re: Validating members?

    Edit: moved to its own topic in 'Site info etc' forum.

    Yes it’s a good idea and has been discussed before however the problem is the actual verification process. Hotmail, Gmail and the like provide email addresses to anyone. The name isn’t verified by them so how do I verify the name is real?

    Do you have any suggestions as to how members can be validated?

    One thing is for sure, I get enough complaints about our registration system now. I think its relatively simple but you would be surprised how many have difficulties - I wouldn’t want to make it anymore complicated.
    ~ Mel ~

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    Re: Validating members?

    Mel there is a system that apparently works a real treat, it was developed by a firm commissioned by the former Victorian labour government, and they are taking(flogging it off real cheap) tenders at the moment,this is a full proof with no holes system and you should adopt it as a form of validation for Vicrock.. Introducing ....... MYKI

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    Re: Validating members?

    I'm repeating myself when I say that I actually don't mind using an alias on this site, providing that it's used in the correct manner, that is, keeping within the rules set out by the administrator.
    I believe when posting a new thread or replying to a comment by members, an alias can help them to speak their mind even when they know the reply may be controversial. Personally … I choose not to hide my identity because I have no reason to.
    Last edited by Jazza; 09-02-2011 at 10:04 AM.
    Live & let Live, Love & let Love, Rock & let Roll, plus related clichés.

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    Re: Validating members?

    Validating members

    Never gonna happen unless everyone knows everyone personally

    And the internet is a pretty big place, and you're in that place


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