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    Drummer needed urgently!

    Most of you have seen her around! Young Sonyta, who has been a regular guest of Itchy Fingers & The Straight 8's!
    It came time for her to branch out on her own, & start her own band!
    She has a talented bass player, and a awesome guitarist, but they need a drummer to complete the line up. Sonyta on lead vocals and rythmn, and Joe will sing a few too.
    Need a drummer not committed to another band, as they are into experimenting and there is a lot of songs to learn. They are doing mostly rockabilly, with some neo & psycho thrown in, there will also be some country which will include originals for the busy country music festivals!
    Rehersals so far have been great, with everyone having a ball.

    We have work offers already! That's why the urgency!
    Over the next couple of weeks hope to have a few try outs, if your interested
    email me on or phone or txt on 0425710751
    Jenni & Sonyta

    check out her myspace
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    Re: Desperately seeking drummer!

    Should mention that she's just turned 16, haven't got around to changing the bio yet! And the song sample on the page is 12months old, will try to get some more recent ones up thus weekend.
    Can email a sample of songs they want to do if you wish!

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    Re: Desperately seeking drummer!

    Does anyone read these? Lol, I've been advertising on melband, but most of them don't do rockabilly, so someone said to try here!

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    Thumbs up Re: Desperately seeking drummer!

    "Melband"!!!? ...... you've seen the light, Vickrock rocks.

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    Re: Desperately seeking drummer!

    Lol Banjule, you told me to try here didn't you! No shredders, but no enquiries either! I've had a few from melband tho, just hard to find someone that has the time & inclination to learn so much material, someone experienced might know a fair bit of the stuff, that's why we'd like someone who's done rockabilly before.
    Lol, we might have to go 3 peice no drums like the Rechords, works for them! And the bass player is wicked good, so no probs keeping beat. Just be hard with the country stuff!
    Hope to catch up at a gig!
    Cheers, Jenni

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    Re: Desperately seeking drummer!

    "Lol, we might have to go 3 piece no drums like the Rechords, works for them!"
    ......... hey works for Wayne Hancock as well, country stuff and all!
    .... all the good drummers must be taken ..... keep lookin' though.

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    Re: Desperately seeking drummer!

    Dont knock it try it

    Lot of authentic rockabilly didn't have drums

    Gotta have a good slapbass tho

    Worth tryin, you never know

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    Re: Desperately seeking drummer!

    G,day! .I,m new to this website&forum! where do you rehearse? &what,s your set/song list? &what,s the criteria? i.e. age/background etc.
    Thanks for reading&your consideration
    the bulldog&lion(Adrian).

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    Exclamation Re: Desperately seeking drummer!

    Now I don't normally cast aspersions at anyone, but rockabillybulldog is "Ado" from Melband that caused a nuisance recently. Anyway Ado you already replied to Roulette saying the rehearsals are too far. The guys from Melband are gunnin' for you!

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    Re: Desperately seeking drummer!

    I,m getting off Melband for ever&for good! i was hoping NO ONE from there get,s on here&that,d i,d be left alone in peace for once! .I,ve NEVER caused a nuisance either recently or at all!.I honestly DONT recall/remember saying the rehearsals too far.I obvisouly need my memory refreshed 99.9% of these people on Melband DONT KNOW OR HAVE MET ME! .I should be judged here on MY OWN MERITS&NOT BE PRE-JUDGED by a previous website &a few narrow-minded&misinformed&misguided individuals some who aren,t even musicians!.They feel it,s there god given right to character assasinate &publicy defame me! &cause anxiety&trouble!.The recent ad your refering to on Melband ak yourself:why has NO OTHER drummer replied? why has HE not advertised ANY contact details? !.I think he,s both Bogus& fake&deliberately out to cause both controvesy&trouble!.I,m asking you to PLEASE not judge me by these people &by previous posts on that site&judge me on MY OWN MERITS!
    Thank you

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    Re: Desperately seeking drummer!

    I ONLY deserve the critcism if it,s from ANY of the bands or artists whose ads i replied to on Melband!&NO ONE ELSE!.I assure&gurantee you 1 zillion% i,m not on here to cause trouble at all EVER! .iT,S NOT my intention or nature! i just wanna play &or jam &have fun nothing more nothing less i dont want to hurt anyones feelings or vice versa&on that note.Hopefully there,ll be none of the previous rubbish i,ve had to deal with on Melband on here!.I,m NOT about to start anything nor do i want ANYONE starting any/something similar.All i want is to left alone in peace&judged by&on MY OWN MERITS PLEASE! &NOT BE PRE-JUDGED!
    once again thank you for reading&your consideration
    kind regards
    P.S.I just want to be treated both fairly/professionally!.

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    Re: Desperately seeking drummer!

    This is your post on Melband, it may remind you: Let's leave it at that. I'll agree Melband has plenty of nutjobs stirring the pot, leave that to Facebook! Vicrock is a happy place for happy rockin' folks, let's keep it that way.

    Joined: Apr 21, 2009
    Posts: 233
    Location: Australia
    Posted: Wed Sep 08, 2010 11:24 pm Post subject: Drummer wanted for rockabilly and country!


    Sorry but Hampton Park is far&way too far for me to have to travel if it,s NOT a covers/tribute band! as i,m in Cowes(Philip Island)! .Best&good luck in happines/life/love&in finding a drummer!

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    Re: Desperately seeking drummer!

    Ok guys, not fair! I didn't realise this was going on in my post! I mist certainly left my email on the melband ad, didn't leave my phone number as I didn't want to get hassled! Me & my daughter (we are both she!) are well known on the rockabilly scene, and eveyone knows she's trying to get a band together! I had many replies from melband (banjuele can back me up here, as he was one!) but the bulk of them either already played in a band, so no good for us, we already have gigs booked, and intend to be busy! This was the case with Banjuele as well. The others, either didn't want to reherse, or were too far away to reherse regular. I posted here, and have since had some replies, a couple are trying out next week, and seem promising!

    Look out for them the debut gig is VERY soon, lol banjuele, if these guys don't work out, might have to take you up on the fill in you offered!

    Jenni & Sonyta

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    Re: Desperately seeking drummer!

    Thanks banjulele! .I,m hoping to AVOID at ALL costs the type of people i,ve had to deal with on Melband &experienced! .Hopefully i,ll get a 1 zillion% genuine/honest&sincere gig from around my way or as far as Cranbourne/Dandenong is as FAR as i,m prepared to travel to rehearse!.I,m a "happy folk" just wanna play my drums along to early 50,s rnr/rockabilly&have fun&enjoylife without the harrasment&abuse i experienced off Melband.Hopefully my name&reputation WONT be mud on here! .If she,s STILL looking for a drummer Hampton Park,s past Cranbourne? or near there?.As i,ve just writen i,m actually prepared to travel as far as Dandenong! .Let me know!

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    Re: Desperately seeking drummer!

    Hey Rockabillybulldog,
    What happens when a band you join has gigs past dandenong?? Not go???
    Sounds like you have had very little experience working in a "giging" band.....
    You must be prepared to travel, thats the deal mate...
    "I shot a man in Reno..Just to watch him Die"

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    Re: Desperately seeking drummer!

    Bolto74.I meant Dandenong is as far as i,m prepared to travel to REHEARSE! NOT GIG i,ll play local/country/interstate/overseas! .Hope this clears this up for you? are you a band in need of a drummer? .
    Ta mate!


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