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    Am I a clown or what?

    I occasionally get emails from members requiring help. Rarely are they nasty. Quoted below is a recent one followed by my reply. Luckily this sort of email is extremely rare. I’m posting it here because the email address given is wrong (it bounces) and the one in our database is the same so I can’t reply directly. The incorrect email address is part of this member’s problem. There might be other members that will benefit from the information below as well.

    Quote from a message sent via the Contact Us page –

    “why do you clowns make getting into the site so difficult. i have better things todo than frig around with passwords etc. we wanted to see where there might be a dance tonite, but i can't remember my password because i have about twenty of them.... so i try and get it re'set, toohard by half so we will go to a dance that has nothing to do with you lot. could u simplify your site and why do i need a passwaord to find out about a dance for petes sake are you clowns or what?”

    Reply –

    “In case you hadn’t noticed, the information provided to you on the VicRock website is free. The only thing we ask is that people go through the inconvenience of registering to access the events calendar.

    If a member needs to access the events calendar regularly they should click the “remember me“ checkbox when they log in to the VicRock site. Those that do this don’t need to remember their password and have the privilege of not logging in because every time they visit the site they are ‘remembered’, are logged in automatically and can access the events calendar immediately.

    The issuing of a new password is a straightforward automated process. If you haven’t received the emails regarding this, have you changed your email address since registering? Emails need to be sent to the person requesting a new password to verify that the person requesting the password change is in fact the owner of that user name and not someone up to mischief.”
    ~ Mel ~

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    Endeavour Hills, Victoria, Australia, Australia

    Talking Re: Am I a clown or what?

    Thankyou for that info Mel. Your explanation of this situation is so transparently clear. If an apology is not forthcoming to you (and I doubt it), then it’s also crystal clear who the real clown is. Spose a bit more intelligence may be easier to work with, but it would be a boring world if we were all the same. At least we can get a chuckle outta this … and laughter is good medicine.
    Live & let Live, Love & let Love, Rock & let Roll, plus related clichés.

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    Re: Am I a clown or what?

    The absolute best way to log into any site visited, whether financial, video, music, social etc etc., or to auto fill forms is to use a PASSWORD MANAGER. If I were not running such an application I would have to remember information relating to some 173 sites. A manager can deliver a random highly encrypted password that is stored securely in another locked Keychain. Subsequently at any time and with two mouse clicks you have logged into any of your sites. Absolute peace of mind, and no need to remember anything, except to keep back ups, on a web server (many are free). Yep! no clowning around necessary and no need to be rude or aggro towards people providing a F R E E service. (No excuse to be rude or aggro for any reason)

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    Oct 2007

    Re: Am I a clown or what?

    Mel Darling,
    Just tell the clown that you will give him a full refund, That should make him happy.

    Whoever said money cant buy happiness simply didnt know where to go shopping.

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    Aug 2004

    Re: Am I a clown or what?

    Mel - your too much of a gent - you should have just replied in the same tone but then I guess you only lower yourself to that idiots standards. The rest of us appreciate what you do.

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    Jul 2005

    Re: Am I a clown or what?

    That's GREAT!........S###T!...I'd hate to meet this person if they were having a BAD! day...CRIKEY!!!! ...Ya gotta LAUGH...Some people take things WAY! to that how ya spell serisisly.....Hey Mel..Ya doing a GREAT job with this site..........Sticks'n'Stones........mate......... C'Ya..Shane

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    Jun 2005
    wat my real estate agent said "Location Location!!"

    Talking Re: Am I a clown or what?

    C'mon Mel??!!!

    you should be there in everyone's computer room logging on for them!!

    i mean how is this person supposed to remember thier PASSAWORD???

    hey is that Italian??? PASS-A-Word??
    Rock'n'roll will stand man - If i'm lying i'm dying

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    May 2004
    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Australia

    Wink Re: Am I a clown or what?

    yer we all worked Ashton's Circus, that where we got our training, just so we could confuse a simpleton like you.... Regards Biffy the Clown....


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