For obvious reasons promotion of a particular gig, dance or event on the front news page is only permitted once every 7 days.

Members have been submitting promotions for their events more often, the most common reason being they weren’t aware that someone else had already done so recently.

Members need to make sure that they check the News Page to see if a promotion for their event hasn’t already been submitted in the last 7 days.

To avoid the frustration of producing a news item with graphics, only to find it wont be posted because someone else has already submitted a few lines of text on the same subject, members need to communicate with other parties concerned with the event to establish who will be submitting the news item.

Please note also that news items appear on the front page in the order in which they are submitted not when they are approved. I have no control over this. This means that if I hold off approval until the required period of time has elapsed, the news item will appear well down the list on the front page. I’m sorry but if your news is submitted by mistake, the only way to insure it gets listed near the top of the page is to resubmit it again on the correct day.

In future I wont be informing members that I couldn’t approve their submission, they will know why. If there is no obvious reason then its because I’m just not home to do it yet.