A bush fire benefit gig featuring the Honky Tonk Rockers and Jump Cats was held at Eddies Poolroom last Friday night drawing in a big crowd of rock n roll and swing dancers who were very enthusiastic to do their little bit in support of those communities devastated by the recent, and ongoing, bush fires around Australia. It was a fantastic night of dancing to country rock music by the Honky Tonk Rockers and jump blues from the Jump Cats. Announcement of total collection on the night was eagerly waited and it came to over $5,000 collected from entry fees, raffles and personal donations. Well done everyone! This is a wonderful effort and congratulations go to all who came to support the event, Eddies Poolroom, the bands involved and Adrian who organised and coordinated it.

This is tangible proof that rockers not only love their music and dancing but they also care for the community at large and especially those hit by tragedies and natural disasters like floods and bush fires. Our rock n roll community should feel proud having held such events in the past, and I am certain we will continue the tradition of showing goodwill in future years to come.

Another bush fire benefit event is scheduled for Friday, 7th February with three bands playing - the Pearly Shells, the Treblettes and Lost In Louisville. Please come along to support this second bush fire benefit event. Come and dance to the bands and have a great time. But most of all, come with a big heart in support of those who have suffered great losses in the bush fires.