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    Cars For Kids at the Keillor Hotel by the Guzzlers car club.

    Another day to remember. Every box got ticked and they raised over $30,000.00
    A lot of effort went in to presenting the day. Facebook posts will be full of accolades and appreciation for all concerned no doubt.

    The bands rocked. Jump’n’Jive, Fender Benders, Atomic Hi-Tones, The Dizzy’s, Andy Phillips & the Cadillac Walk and last what was a special treat for everyone who made it to the end was a band called Devils Brew.

    As Devils Brew set up and I tweaked the mixer I thought, here we go, another one of those bands with a screaming guitar to blow my ears out.
    NOT SO
    They were awesome. They had a powerful sound but enjoyable with lovely clear vocals not drowned out by their own instruments.

    Brendon on guitar and vocals looks great, is an amazing guitarist, great singer and confidant front man. The bass player and drummer did their stuff and really contributed to the band being a tight little trio.

    They did different songs to what other bands round town do which was refreshing.

    The Pinup girls strutted their stuff, the auction and awards entertaining.
    Frank did a great job as MC and so did DJ Jazzman with his collection of hand picked tunes custom fit for the gig.

    There was a hand made bike made by some young Rodder guys I believe that got auctioned for $2500 and the buyer said another $500 if they delivered it.

    Bev & Graham who are huge attendees in the Hot Rod, Rockabilly, Rock and Roll scenes got a trophy first day out with their just delivered pink 1955 Cadillac.

    It was a perfect day.

    .... and while I wrote this, Cliff unpacked and sorted all the PA and sound equipment we used.
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