I have found it a great delight visiting smaller towns and cities and attending their dance festivals over the last few years. Last weekend, it was Townsville's turn to host their third rock 'n roll and swing dance festival incorporating dance demos and classes led by the Sydney Swing Katz team. As many of you would know, dancers from Sydney Swing Katz have just about won all the major dance competitions in Melbourne including the VRRDA dance championships over the last 2 to 3 years. How incredibly lucky of Townsville dancers to be learning from some of Australia's best dancers and teachers.

The highlight for the weekend was of course Saturday's Prom night held at Cutheringa Bowls Club. Music for dancing was provided by a local R&R band and a swing/jazz trio. The event was booked out and it was fantastic to see so many dancers came dressed for the occasion in their 1940's - 1950's styles. There were dance demos in swing and rock & roll on the night as well as performing the Shim Sham. There were prizes for the best dressed to be won and ladies could have their hair done 1950's style too. It was a really fun night and the dance floor was well used all night long.

Well done to Bettina & David Naughton in staging a very successful event. For those who do not know, Bettina is a local swing and R&R dance teacher in Townsville but was also a boogie woogie dancer and a past troupe member competing in Europe. She has very strong passion for dancing and in promoting R&R and swing in Townsville. Bettina also assisted with the dance classes all weekend.

Townsville weather is fantastic in July with warm, sunny days and cool nights. Just perfect for staging a dance festival and for dancing. Well worth attending the Townsville Dance festival if you happen to be travelling to Queensland in July-August each year......