I am a mature guitarist in Sydney. I don't know if this site is is just for Victorian musos, but we do have few up here and hopefully I can shake a few loose. I played pub rock in the 80s ( 2 to 3 nights a week for many years) but hung it up in the late 80 to concentrate on family and hotrods. I took it up again around 7 years ago and have a huge liking for Rockabilly. Always did but could never get my band to warm to it. I have learnt over 40 Rockabilly tunes and can play them fairly well. I like any tune that is danceable but like more obscure tunes but can also play the standards if pushed I don't have a huge ego and recently retired so rarin' to get on the road and gig. No age bias as long as everyone gets on. Prefer to start a band from scratch but would consider joining an established band...PM me for further info