Living in Melbourne as a rocker and dancer is like being spoiled by the variety of gigs and top quality 1950's style rock & roll and rockabilly bands on offer week in, week out. And quite regularly, we are being entertained by top bands from interstates.

TJ & the Twinspinners headed by Tony Jansen on vocal, guitar and boogie woogie piano are a South Australian band that have gathered a host of supporters in recent years. I first saw the band at the Ballarat Beat around 2013, and was immediately impressed by its performance on stage and repertoire with tunes ranging from rockabilly, rock & roll and boogie woogie covering anything from Elvis, Eddie Cochrane, Jerry Lee Lewis and more recent rockabilly tunes from the Go Getters and Go Cat Go.

Apart from its home state, the band has performed a number of times in Queensland and only just last weekend completed gigs for Greazefest Melbourne at the Luwow and Lakehouse Rockers in Gippsland before finally wooing the dance crowd at DJ Ashley's Fast Eddies Bar. If you have not seen or dance to the band before then you must do it one day soon. You will not be disappointed and will be feeling quite impressed when Tony Jansen performs on his boogie woogie piano in the grand old style like Jerry Lee Lewis.

Here are some videos of the band performing at Fast Eddies Poolroom & Bar last Sunday night.....