At the Victorian Rock'n'Roll Dance Association Annual General Meeting on Sunday Malcolm Barker stepped down from the Presidency of the VRRDA.

Malcolm has made an enormous contribution to the VRRDA and to Rock'n'Roll Dancing so it was a shock to hear his decision.

Malcolm probably has the record for being the longest serving Committee Member and most likely the longest serving President.

He explained that there came a time when it was appropriate for someone to step down from a role rather than to hang on and on.

Under his leadership the VRRDA regained its status as the parent body for R'n'R dance in Victoria and as one of benchmark R'n'R organisations in Australia.

He leaves the Association in good shape to continue to grow and develop in the future.

He also leaves a big pair of black & white shoes to fill.

Thank you Malcolm for your common sense, your wize leadership, your dedication and your great attitude.