Whats the difference between westcoast and West Coast Swing?

There is some confusion about these 2 dance styles with similar names but different styles. West coast swing is a lindy hop derivative, while Westcoast is a type of modern jive / ceroc style. Adrian started teaching the westcost style about 30 years ago in the 80's as Westcoast Swing, which was a Hustle variation. The hustle was huge in the 70's after Saturday Night Fever. In the late 90's after American West Coast Swing became known in Australia and the confusion started, the name was changed to "Westcoast".

As Adrian says the dance was named Westcoast " because it was similar to a movement most people make when they have had too many Westcoast Coolers, which were popular at the time. "

For those who have never tried westcoast it's a very smooth and easy dance to learn, a type of modern jive / ceroc dance style that can be danced to most music from top 40 hits to big band swing music, and everything in between, as well as rock n roll. It's a great dance to know when the music isn't right for rock n roll and once you learn the easy footwork you can use all your rock n roll moves to dance westcoast. It's also a great dance for first time dancers to learn.

If you've never tried westcoast then get along to Buckley Park on Valentines Day for a westcoast lesson from 4-6pm, followed by the Fender Benders from 6-10pm.

Adrian is also teaching westcoast at Camberwell Bowls on Sunday 21st and 28th Feb. See gig guide or www.redhotrockers.webs.com for details.