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    Thumbs down Lenny's Custom Clothing - big thumbs down!

    This dressmaker happily agreed to make myself and my mother a 50's style dress for a big event. He was given over 4 weeks to make the items and left everything to the last minute. The end result was one dress so poorly made it was unwearable and no dress at all for me. I found out that I was not getting a dress less than 24 hours before my event and he did not even have the courtesy to advise me of his failure to produce ANYTHING to me directly.
    We were completely let down with false promises and given no time to find alternative clothes as he was still promising it would all be ready Saturday morning for a Sunday afternoon event.
    I just don't want anyone else to go through the stress and extreme disappointment this man put us through.

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    Re: Lenny's Custom Clothing - big thumbs down!

    Hope you put this on facebook as well and let him know you have given him a bad review. Its a pity when people let you down like that.

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    Re: Lenny's Custom Clothing - big thumbs down!

    I have at least 6 shirts that I have bought from Lenny. All hand made, exceptional quality and exceptional service each time. I once ordered a shirt from him on the Sunday at Camperdown and it was delivered to my house on the following Thursday. He even provided all of the shirts for our club.
    Not that I discount your issue at all but my guess is there may well be more to this. I know Lenny really well and this doesn't sound like him at all.

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    Re: Lenny's Custom Clothing - big thumbs down!

    Be assured, there is "no more to this". When I met Lenny I advised him what dress I was after and asked him 1. Can he make it and 2. can he make it in the time frame of 1 month. He was so reassuring and positive and assured me he could make me and my mum dresses in the time frame without any problem. We treated Lenny with respect and gave him all our faith and trust. It is a fact that he told me on a number of occasions that he would definitely have my dress made by the date required, even to the day before the event when he had not offered me a fitting since taking my measurements. After failing to even start my dress the day before my event he sent me a text saying " You are right, it is my fault and I take full responsibility for the mess I have created". He knows he led me and my mum on with false promises and left us with no time to get replacement dresses. Absolutely unprofessional.

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